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Research reveals that enjoyment of tactile play during mealtimes directly leads to higher consumption of fruit and vegetables and less selective eating – otherwise known as food neophobia – in children. So, with this independent research at our fingertips, and with our own tribe of children to raise into healthy, thriving adults, the team at Nibblenums thought, ‘why not combine the two – eating and play?’

We LOVE to see our kids trying new foods, engaging in sensory play and developing fine motor skills. And the brand new to market Nibblenums mats tick all those boxes and more! For extra appeal, we’ve created two colourful, gender-neutral designs that children learning to enjoy food can use as a play toy too. 

At Nibblenums, we know that every child deserves a healthy, balanced diet. Our products help form a positive attitude to food from the earliest age that the kids will take with them into the future.


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Why kids love Nibblenums?

Build independence

The children can choose where to put their fruit, vegetables and sauces to encourage them to make decisions for themselves and feel like they’re achieving something with every meal.

Adopt a healthy attitude to food

Combining food and play means the pressure is off. Children who use Nibblenums look forward to mealtimes whatever is on the menu.


The mats have a raised edge to avoid spills, and suction pads to stop from slipping to reduce the post-meal clean-up…OK, this one was for the mums and dads!

Playtime, all the time

Small and versatile, the mats can be rolled up and stored in the toy cupboard for sensory play at all times of the day.

Why kids love Nibblenums

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